Custom Cinch - High quality hand tied custom cinches  Where tradition meets art
No matter what you call it....cinch, cincha, girth or girt I can make you a quality special cinch.
Please browse the website to see all the great designs in custom cinches.
The ordering / quote page lets you use a drop down menu to e-mail me your cinch information.  No cinches are started until payment is received.
In a hurry....check out the cinches for sale page.  There are usually several cinches there.   You can also drop me an e-mail and see if there are others that I don't have on the website yet.
News on buckles....due to availablity and price issues the Premium stainless roller buckle is no longer available.  I have found another high quality buckle that is stainless steel with a seamless roller.  This is a really nice buckle.  This one also has protective collars at the end of the tongue to keep the tongue from being pinched by the strands of the cinch that can cause the tongue to bind.  There also won't be a price fact the price of this buckle will go down a few dollars.  To avoid confusion this buckle will now be called "Upgrade Roller Buckle"
More News...Mohair prices have gone up several times along with other materials prices so After Jan 1, 2013 look for a small price increase in the base price of cinches. 
Watch for my booth at the Triangle Horse Sale in Shawnee Oklahoma in January 2013.
Just Arrived !!!!
Just picked up a package from the post office that contains 2 sets of Glenn Pointer cinch hardware !  Beautiful stainless steel hand made in the USA hardware.  Heavy duty, classy hardware.  Glenn Pointer hardware will last a lifetime.
Can't decide on colors....color samples are now available.  $5 will get you a sample of each color currently available.  Refundable with your cinch order.
News!  Some trim colors are not available commercially or are hard to come by.  To offer customers another option I have ordered in some 100% wool trim.  Colors available now are hot pink, red, purple. Back ordered:  orange.  This will be a good option for those who want color and a natural fiber but can get along without mohair for the trim.  Each color on the order form will note if it is mohair or wool, there are still several colors in mohair trim.
Alpaca is finally here...Only one color choice a pretty grey brown with just a hint of maroon.  Very limited supply of this...enough to make about 12 cinches.  Trim options will be self colored Alpaca or your choice of in stock mohair.  There are no color choices for Alpaca.  Alpaca is a bit stronger and much softer than Mohair with all the other great attributes.
Yak has arrived.  I ordered some Yak to try.  Limited amount but can order more.  Colors in stock are buckskin, off white, med grey.  Yak is a bit prickly and not suitable for thin skinned or young horses.  Looks and feels much like the old mane hair cinches.
Credit Cards accepted as well as checks or money orders 
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